A retail box of Spectrum Coffees Rosegold Espresso blend.
A bulk bag of Spectrum Coffees Rosegold Espresso blend, sitting in front of a plant with a mug.

Rosegold Espresso (Subscription Available)

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We love espresso. And we love milk (and alternative m*lks!).
Because most espresso drinks are served in milk, a truly great espresso must be able to perform well both in and out of milk. 
Our goal with Rosegold is to strike a balance between a chocolate or caramel base aligned with a delicate acidity touched with fruity and floral flavors that make a great espresso shot so exciting.

12 oz/340 grams

Current Components:

Mantiqueira Cooperative - Mantiqueira, Brazil
Hunapu - Antigua, Guatemala
Haru - Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia