Transparency Report

We believe that the supply chain doesn't need to be opaque. We believe workers deserve a living wage, globally. We believe that companies can and should do the right thing. As such, we've decided to publish not only the per pound price that we pay for coffee, but also all the other costs we encounter along the way.


For reference, the commodity price of coffee is generally at or under $1 per pound.

Coffee Name - Region, Origin Country Green Price / lb.  (what we paid)
Yacuanquer - Nariño, Colombia $4.35
Iyula AB - Songwe, Tanzania $4.11
Juquinha - Mantiquiera, Brazil $4.30
Cachoeirinha - Mantiquiera, Brazil $4.92
Beautiful D - Jerico, Colombia $4.85
Production Step Cost Per Pound Produced
Transportation $0.40
Packaging $1.62
"Shrinkage" (see: water weight loss) $0.62
Operating Expenses $1.75
Labor $2.90
Total $7.29