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Transparency Is Cool

The supply chain doesn't need to be opaque. Know what you're paying for and who's gettin' paid. The following is an average breakdown of what goes into producing one 12 ounce box of Yacuanquer, Colombia.

The commodity price of coffee generally hovers around $1/lb. When it dips below, it can make it difficult for producers to afford paying for the basic needs of production the following year. On average we pay $4.50/lb. 

Raw Materials

$3.70 per 12oz


Cost of Production - $8.79
Cost of Retail           - $17.50

Our mark up: 1.99x

Cost of delivering un-roasted coffee to our facility. Does not include shipping costs post- production.



Water weight loss refers to the change in weight of coffee before and after roasting. Lighter roasts lose less weight, darker roasts, more. 

Water Weight


We keep our packaging sustainable and recyclable where we can. As more

environmentally friendly packaging becomes available, expect us to pick it up. 

This number includes rent, natural gas, storage, receiving, and equipment use. 



Operating Expenses


All workers deserve to 

earn a living wage.