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Teofilo Requejo - Moyobamba, Peru

Teofilo Requejo - Moyobamba, Peru

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Producer: Teofilo Requelo / Aproeco
Region: Moyobamba
Variety: Caturra, Catimor
Process: Washed with Extended Fermentation
Elevation: 1600m
Crop Year: 2022
Importer: Osito Coffee


  APROECO was formed in 1999 as Association of Ecological Producers, a collective of 20 coffee farmers in the Jepelacio River Valley. Together they were able to attain both organic and fair trade certifications. In the words of the producers themselves: "We are a cooperative made up of small coffee producers, united voluntarily to meet our needs and achieve our common socio-economic aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically managed company. We're seeking a standard of living worthy of our partners and guaranteeing the future of our children." The city of Moyobamba, where Aproeco is located, is known as The City of Orchids due to over 3500 species of orchids being native to the area. The local area also boasts thermal baños and butteryfly gardens, placing it squarely at the top of our need-to-visit coffee producing regions.


  Sugar cone aromatics and flavors like caramel and honey. As it cools, juicy ripe mango acidity presents itself.

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