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Sambewe AB - Songwe, Tanzania

Sambewe AB - Songwe, Tanzania

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Producer: The Sambewe Cooperative

Cultivar: Kent
Process: Washed, 18-36 fermentation
Elevation: 1600-1800m
Crop Year: 2019
Importer: Nordic Approach


Jammy, floral, and sweet. A unique coffee with approachable acidity, a body like nut milk, and flavors of vanilla and hazelnut. 

There is a legend in the village of Sambewe that a large snake named 'Python' lives in the nearby river who is responsible for protecting the village from threats. The Sambewe Cooperative is a collective of 344 farmers, each with small tracts of land surrounding a central washing station. Together they produce 441 bags of exceptional coffee per year.


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