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La Muralla - Huila, Colombia
La Muralla - Huila, Colombia
La Muralla - Huila, Colombia

La Muralla - Huila, Colombia

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Producer: Ilmer Gomez, Diego Hoyos and Jose Lopez
Cultivar: Pink Bourbon
Processing: Fully washed
Elevation: 1700-1900m
Crop Year: 2020
Importer: Osito 


 Toasted marshmallow aromas up front, acidity like pear, sweetness like candy, and a finish like molasses

Pink bourbon is a relatively new and rare hybrid of red and yellow bourbon that we've been loving
for its satisfying sweet core, and it's more subtle malic (apple/pear) acidity.
According to producers, it's also been showing resistance to rust - a constant sword of Damocles hanging
over coffee farms in Colombia.

"La Muralla," an informal collection of producers with whom Osito works in San Agustín. This particular lot is composed of three producers coffee; Ilmer Gomez, Diego Hoyos and Jose Lopez. per Osito: "La Muralla is likely our fastest growing project in Huila. We started with two producers and now I think we are close to 20.
This has, frankly, been driven by demand. The coffees, generally, are of a very high quality and are building quite a following. wAs such, we've had to actively recruit new producers in this area."

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