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La Balastrera - Huila Colombia
La Balastrera - Huila Colombia
La Balastrera - Huila Colombia

La Balastrera - Huila Colombia

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Producer: Luz Angela Raigosa
Region: Huila
Variety: Variety Colombia
Process: 40hr fermentation in cherry, 110hr fermentation after pulping, dried in a parabolic drier
Elevation: 1600m
Crop Year: Winter 2021/2022
Importer: Osito Coffee


This delicious lot took 4th place in Osito Coffee's Copa Suaceña competition this year. The competition includes about 50 producers from 4 veredas (neighborhoods) in Huila. Luz's farm, La Balastrera, is nestled appropirately within the Las Delicias vereda, and won the 4th highest average score among a panel of five cuppers from three countries. Most anaerobic fermentation cycles tend to be about 60 hours, making this coffee unique with its 150 hours of fermentation.


Lemon-lime and white wine flavors & acidity. Quite complex and ever evolving as it cools with increasing ripe plum-like sweetness

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