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Cxffeeblack x Spectrum - Nensebo Refisa, Ethiopia

Cxffeeblack x Spectrum - Nensebo Refisa, Ethiopia

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All profits for this coffee go directly to fund Cxffeeblack's to Africa project. Cxffeeblack is a grassroots movement to connect Black families in America to the diaspora through black coffee. We're so excited this is happening, Cxffeeblack inspires us, let's help them reach their goal!!

Support Cxffeeblack directly by donating to their Gofundme 

This is very limited in supply - we only expect to be able to fulfill 140 units. 

In the words of friends:

"Like many black Americans, we’ve never been to our ancestral land, and to be honest cannot afford a trip back home to Africa on our own. Our coffee company has always been a grassroots movement, and our heart has always been in connecting black families in America to the diaspora through black coffee.

We’re tired of being taught about coffee from colonial lenses. Up until now we’ve learned about the coffees black history through research, reading, and conversation with black coffee farmers and professionals, mostly over instagram. But after making a tweet about our dream to go Michael Mamo of Addis Exporters reached out and offered to host us on a educational trip to the coffee motherland, and if possible, build an all black supply chain for our coffee.

Y’all, this trip could change everything."

Origin: Ethiopia

Producer: Local Smallholders

Variety: Endemic Heirloom

Processing: Fully washed

Elevation: 2065m

Crop Year: NOV 2020

Importer: Collaborative Coffee Source

Refisa Washing Station is located in the heart of Nensebo Woreda, with a total of 678 farmers delivering red-ripe cherries from nearby Refisa, Roricho, Bulga, and Riripa. Coffee grows wild in the neighboring Harenna Forest, with endemic varieties from the forest making up most of what the local farmers grow. The average size of farm here is only 2 hectares, with the farmers delivering their ripe cherries daily to the local washing station. These supply side blends are known as 'day lots'
Mild white wine acidity that becomes juicy as it cools. A little tart, in a nice way. Creamy almond milk finish.

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