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Bule Hora, Guji - Ethiopia
Bule Hora, Guji - Ethiopia
Bule Hora, Guji - Ethiopia

Bule Hora, Guji - Ethiopia

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Producer: Matebe Berese (Bule Hora Wet Mill)
Variety: Ethiopia Heirloom
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1800-2000m
Crop Year: 2020
Importer: Collaborative Coffee Source


Jammy structure with red fruit flavors. Body is quite delicate, like sencha green tea.

From Collaborative Coffee Source:

The Bule Hora Washing Station is privately owned by Matebe Berese. It's located in Guji, close to the town of Bule Hora (formerly called Hagere Mariam). The washing station has about 600 members who deliver cherries. Profits are invested in the community and local school. The farmers delivering cherries are registered and entitled to training on composting, pruning, and mulching to help increase both quality and yield. it's relatively cold due to high elevation, so maturation, fermentation, and drying all take longer than in other regions.

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