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Rosegold Espresso

SKU: 000001

We love espresso. And we love milk. Because most espresso drinks are served in milk, a truly great espresso must be able to perform well both in and out of milk. 

Any coffee can be used as espresso, but not all coffees will perform well under the intense heat and pressure of an espresso extraction. And even fewer can then be asked to perform two jobs described above successfully. Complex, delicate and fruity coffees may taste sour - or simply disappear in milk, while heavy-bodied and bold coffees may be boring or come across as overly roasty when served without milk. 

Our goal with Synesthesia is to strike a balance between having a good chocolate or caramel base and the more delicate acidity and fruit flavors that make a great espresso shot so exciting. 


Current Blend:

Hunapu - Guatemala, washed

La Danta - Guatemala, washed