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French Press

Pump up the Jammmzzz!

French press is a great way to make full bodied, jammy coffee easily.


Step One: Heat enough water to rinse and warm up your French Press, as well as brew your coffee. It seems obvious, but a clean brew apparatus is always your best friend. Allow the warm water to sit for a moment and then make sure to dump it out so you can start the brew.


Step Two: Dose out and grind your coffee. Measuring is always a must. If you don't have a billion dollar scale, it's totally okay. A tablespoon of whole beans is about five grams. The general rule of thumb for French Press is around 24 grams per single 12oz cup of coffee. Make sure to grind it on a COARSE setting, aka bigger coffee chunks. 


Step Three: Put the ground coffee into the French Press, and pour your heated water over the coffee. Fill up to about a third of the way and give it a nice 'lil swirl to agitate it. Let it sit for 30 seconds. This stage is referred to as the "bloom."


Step Four: The Final Pour and Press. Fill up to top of the metal sleeve to leave room for the filter plunger. Place the plunger on top and let it sit for an additional 2 minutes. After 2 minutes slooowly press the plunger down until it stops. Do not press it down and compress the coffee bed on the bottom, as this will extract the coffee more aggressively.  


Step Five: Drink the coffee and live your damn life!