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A bulk bag of Spectrum Coffees from the Iyula AB lot from Songwe, Tanzania.

Iyula AB - Songwe, Tanzania (5 lbs.)

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Producer: Local Smallholders
Process: Washed, 18-36 hour fermentation
Cultivar: Kent
Altitude: 1702m
Crop Year: 2019
Importer: Nordic Approach

In the Iyula village, coffee was first produced in 1938. The seeds were brought by the great-grandfather Mchina, called 'the Secretary,' who got the seeds from missionaries in the Rungwe District. Today over 200 individual farmers deliver ripe coffee cherries from their nearby farms, the average size being 0.5-1 hectare.

Delicate, elegant, and complex. The aroma reminds us of lime and marshmallow, while the acidity is citrusy and sweet.