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A 5lb bag of Spectrum Coffees from the Cachoeirinha #2 lot from Mantiquiera, Brazil.

Cachoeirinha - Mantequiera, Brazil (5lbs)

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Producer: Cleber Thiago Silva
Cultivar: Red Catuai
Process: Natural, 100 hour wet fermentation
Elevation: 1350m
Crop Year: 2019
Importer: Nordic Approach

"Natural" process doesn't entirely cover what's happening here. While being fermented, the coffee is placed in jute coffee sacks for 100 hours. The environment becomes essentially anaerobic, leading to a unique profile of fermenting flora that give this coffee its intense and beautiful flavors. To produce high quality natural coffees requires an immense amount of patience and focus, and this one shows us why all that work can be worth it. 

This wild natural opens with aromas of cinnamon and apple sauce, and with flavors of raspberry, allspice, and a tiny bit of mango. Very bright and expressive.