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Caballero #1 - La Paz, Honduras
Caballero #1 - La Paz, Honduras
Caballero #1 - La Paz, Honduras

Caballero #1 - La Paz, Honduras

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Producer: Marysabel Caballero
Region: La Paz
Variety: Catuai 
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1600m
Crop Year: Winter 2020-2021
Importer: Nordic Approach

Dried-fruit and caramel flavors on top of a milk chocolate finish. Well-integrated mild stone fruit acidity.


The Caballero coffees are named after Marysabel Caballero, even though it is actually both Marysabel and her husband, Moises Herrera, who create these beautiful coffees. Moises always says lovingly that it is Marysabel who is the star. The Caballeros are extremely committed to the environmental sustainability of their farms. A lot of their energy and focus goes towards improving the soil of their farms to ensure a healthy growing environment for their coffee shrubs. They produce organic fertilizer made from cow and chicken manure mixed with pulp from coffee cherries and other organic material. This is used in addition to some mineral fertilizer to ensure that the coffee plants get the nutrients they need. Oranges, avocados, flowers, bananas and other fruits are also grown at the farms, but mainly for the pickers to eat and to create biodiversity at the farms that ensures good growing conditions and shade for the coffee trees.

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