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Spirit Mountain Natural Process - Angostura, Dominican Republic

Spirit Mountain Natural Process - Angostura, Dominican Republic

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Producer: Chad Wallace
Cultivar: Typica & Caturra
Process: Natural Process
Elevation: 1200m
Crop Year: 2020
Importer: Direct Trade

12 oz/340 grams

This is our third year buying coffees from Spirit Mountain, and it's very safe to say this is the best the coffees have ever been. Chad bought this 350 acre farm in 2003 and has been working ever since to improve every step of the production process. The farm is Utz organic certified, and according to Chad, their primary focus aside from producing beautiful coffees is sustainability. We're thrilled we have this partnership and that we get to share with you the amazing terroir of the Dominican Republic.

Milk and strawberry aromatics. Flavors of wine and citrus, and tart champagne acidity.